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My trust and confidence is in Accounting Squads LLC.” These guys work and are trustworthy. I run my own consulting firm, and also have multiple startups that I manage. I do not have time to wonder if my accounting team is doing their job or if I can trust them – which is why I choose Accounting Squads LLC to handle ALL of my accounting and tax work. (For business and personal.) I work primarily with John, who has been instrumental in assuring my books are clean and a strength upon which I can rely. He has also been a great sounding board

Andy Garret

Great experience with the staff. Their knowledge and commitment to my financial wellness is unmatched. They take time to go through all aspects of my taxes and financial planning to help me make appropriate decisions for my time horizons. I would recommend them to anyone.


The support staff is friendly and always willing to help.” John and Ronnie have always been very responsive and are very knowledgeable of the tax laws and have helped me as well with my foreign operations and filings. The support staff is friendly and always willing to help. As a long time businessman I have come across a lot of accounting firms in my travels and Accounting Squads LLC is simply the best and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their accounting, tax , and financial services.

William H.


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